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To select Cartier love ring replica goods

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Zara in China does not accept any form of joining or acting directly from the Spanish head office operations. Zara is the headquarters of the Spanish direct shop, do not take the agent or channel, do not join, are self-opened Guide.

However, in some countries, especially in Europe there are many forms of joint venture. Her aim is to the global brand and market control, each store is her arms and eyes, through the internal pos system directly communicate with the Cartier love bracelet replica headquarters, already have enough economic accumulation and brand image, so there is no interest in joining benefits .

ZARA’s high-profile fashion

Some people say that the global dare to Versace, LV, GUCCI next to the shop, and only ZARA, HM.

That is, the same customer base, they wear LV bag, wear VERSACE shoes, but they will still go to ZARA.

ZARA now has started with the big first-line designers, out of a series of unique style of fashion.

Customer What are you thinking? Analysis of Clothing Consumption Psychology and Behavior

In our clothing consumer life, often found in these phenomena:

Almost a lot of customers into the clothing store with a pair of looking for the eyes, eyes constantly scanning, looking for interested or have already planned to buy goods. When our sales staff came forward to greet and warm reception, and some customers do not even look at you to quickly get rid of one; some customers immediately appear resistant to the eyes, indifferent patrol stores; some customers will simply perfunctory To select Cartier love ring replica goods.

In the same floor of the same shopping malls, and some clothing counters desolate please, the door can be crowded, and some strong popularity of the clothing counters, dressing clothing customers flocked to, and more people into the store the more new customers!

In the same clothing store, Purchasing Guide sales performance is also very large, the customer into the store is like talking with a Purchasing Guide or accept her referral products, and she is very trust. Always on other shopping guide alert and suspicion.

When the shopping guide staff to sing all the praise and praise customers, such as: “wear this dress really good!” “Very young!” “Very Western style!” “Very suitable!” These languages, the customer is indifferent, Facial numbness.

When the shopping guide staff racked their brains, customers decided to buy clothing in the billing, the customer suddenly said to have to think about it or to the cashier on the road to change the decision to give up the purchase.

When a large group of customers to enter the store, especially female consumers. Selected for 1 hour, tried countless sets of clothing, the final discussion and critical of each other for a long time, leaving a pile of mountains to try the clothing, etc. Shopping guide finishing, supine away!

Members of the apparel industry friends, you encountered the above phenomenon? Are you confused, confused? So, when customers buy clothing in the end thinking?

As the saying goes: “To fish, you must know what to eat bait fish!

Today, the study of clothing consumption psychology and behavior, the purpose is to deeply understand the customer’s clothing purchase behavior, to avoid the sales of blind and wrong links, so as to effectively enhance the imitation cartier love bracelet clothing store sales performance, enhance the clothing business profit margins!

Throughout the domestic clothing brand management, have a good reputation and visibility, all of its target consumer groups do in-depth and detailed understanding of the control of his (her) consumer psychology, to master the habits of their consumer behavior.

Ring Cartier’s Love series better

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Cartier watches cc9008 how much money

Finding Cartier cc9008 models ~! This is probably how much money ~! Authentic Cartier watch models are W + digital. Cc9008 no such models. Authentic Cartier watches lowest price in more than 30,000.

Ask a question about cartier watches models

Are you sure this is Fake Cartier love bracelet? Now the market can not have this money Oh! It is not that long ago the style?

What Cartier ring material?

Thousands of 18k is expensive, inexpensive 1: 1 silver gilt, before I bought a love screw rings a few hundred dollars. Scared dead and I bought the same counter. There Taobao shop is designed to do what the extravagant Queen Cartier Bulgari. Good store worthy of recommendation.

I only know that Cartier nail bracelet replica “LOVE” series of classic bracelets price gold Cartier “LOVE” bracelet men and women of the reference value: RMB 60,800 Cartier is known as “king of jewelers, jeweler of the emperor,” especially for the BAZAAR Charity Night offer from Cartier’s most famous “LOVE” series of men and women bracelet. Designer Aldo Cipullo to make people regain the love and commitment of faith in today’s nearly four decades later, so that “LOVE” series showing a new face, long-lasting efforts need love, love is the home of the soul.

How many Cartier love ring replica and Tiffany platinum on the ring, do not drill, Hong Kong, how much money? Cheaper than the mainland? Hong Kong can go where to buy genuine?

Ring Cartier’s Love series better, but prefer Tiffany then, Lucida is the classic series in the country, T prime family circle female models 9000-10000 three, about twenty thousand men, is not clear card at home, like this continent is almost 50% additional tax, subject to 15% tax in Hong Kong, Hong Kong will be cheaper so that almost 30% of Hong Kong Hong Kong Tiffany Replica Cartier love bracelet clear there 10: Causeway Bay: Sogo, 555 Hennessy Road, Queensway underground business : 3rd floor, Pacific place, 88 Queensway business central: international Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street in the 2nd floor traders Landmark Des Voeux Road underground business in Tsim Sha Tsui: 1881 Canton Road 2A underground businesses Peninsula hotel Salisbury Road underground East Wing business Elements Austin Road West 1 Tiffany & Co. – DFS Galleria Chinachem Plaza store Mody Road 77 Tiffany & Co. – DFS Galleria sun Plaza, 28 Canton Road shop on Lantau Island: Hong Kong international Airport Terminal 1 East building The lobby is on the 6th floor departures level business via

Just Replica Van Cleef & Arpels launched a new season of fine jewelry line

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Just Replica Van Cleef & Arpels launched a new season of fine jewelry line – Replica van cleef & arpels necklace, inspired by the works of the 1930’s history known as the “Paillette” of gold beads. Designers use agate, chalcedony, mother of pearl and other precious metal colored gemstones alternative, reinterpret the design elements, showing a more lively warm breath of spring.

Replica van cleef & arpels necklace was born in 1939, the earliest use of 18K gold production, the jeweler in the center of the foil bowl drilling, embedding a bright round diamonds, as a flower blooming buttercups. This compact decoration Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry 1930 – 1950’s works can be seen, often as rings, bracelets sidewall and “ballet Ling” skirt embellishment.

The new works were introduced red, green two material versions – red models with rose gold with mother of pearl, onyx; Soft places gold with onyx, chrysoprase. Precious metals and colored stones are carved arcuate Replica van cleef & arpels necklace beads shape, dotted a central brilliant-cut diamonds – have reached the level of F color and VVS above, showing the brightest diamond luster.

Back details Replica van cleef & arpels necklace series of works of the same specially designed – pendants, rings the back you can see the delicate openwork pattern, but also as a pendant with a clip pin brooch worn; necklace, bracelet and earrings on the back you can see precision articulated structure to guarantee jewelry natural fit body curves earrings may vary with the wearer’s movements gently swinging.

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