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French jewelry brand Fred launched the exchangeable necklace Pain de Sucre series

Le 16 août 2017, 19:22 dans Humeurs 0

French jewelry brand Fred launched a new jewelry series – Paint de Sucre, the necklace inspired by Rio de Janeiro Bay. Necklace natural shape cutting the precious stones is amazing, in fact, the series also presents a new perspective Fred works to mature signs.

Like the summer of Rio de Janeiro, when the sun shines on the gem will reflect the dazzling light. Natural cut shape of the gem flashing in a bunch of pink tulips, romantic and colorful. The elegant necklace is about the center of the heart. Pendant is a precious exchangeable convex round imitation Cartier love bracelet gem, and this gem has a variety of colors, the wearer can choose according to their own casual color to wear.


Pain de Sucre series of purple gem necklace


Pain de Sucre series of blue gem necklace


Pain de Sucre series of reddish brown gem necklace


Pain de Sucre series of pink gem necklace

Light, colorful gems exudes joy, precious stones around the diamond. The core of this series is simple, refined. The Pain de Sucre series looks simple, but the gem’s delicate luster and breathable design are the real signs of Fred’s work.

Hai Rui Winston latest H.W.Logo series of jewelry. New jewelry to 18K white gold, gold, rose gold as the main three major materials, the emerald cut the shape of the brand logo elements into the jewelry design, and inlaid diamonds constitute a simple style. The whole series of charming jewelry include: pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, creating a modern model of the modern style, whether alone or stacked can reflect the unique charm of a woman.


Harry Winston Hewei Winston H.W. Logo Series Platinum, Gold, Rose Gold Bracelet with 106 round brilliant diamonds


Harry Winston Hewei Winston H.W. Logo Series Platinum, Gold, Rose Gold Bracelet with 7 round brilliant diamonds

Harry Winston Hewei Winston H.W. Logo series of gold, platinum, rose gold ring, set with 33 round brilliant diamond.


Harry Winston Hewei Winston H.W. Logo series of gold rings, inlaid with about 0.01 karats of round shiny diamonds


Harry Winston Hewei Winston H.W. Logo Series White Gold Rings with round shiny diamonds weighing about 0.01 karats


Harry Winston Hewei Winston H.W. Logo series rose gold ring, inlaid Fake Cartier love jewelry with about 0.01 karats of round shiny diamonds


Harry Winston Hewell Winston H.W. Logo Gold Necklace, H.W. Logo Diamond Pendant has 19 round brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.12 karats.


Harry Winston Hayward Winston H.W. Logo Series Rose Gold Necklace, H.W. Logo Diamond Pendant has 19 round brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.12 karats.


Harry Winston Hayward Winston H.W. Logo Series Rose Gold Earrings, decorated with 36 round brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.18 kt.


Harry Winston Hayward Winston H.W. Logo Series Rose Gold Earrings, decorated with 36 round brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.18 kt.

Harry Winston Hayward Winston H.W. Logo Series Rose Gold Earrings, decorated with 36 round brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.18 kt.

The new Marie Winston H.W. Logo series of jewelry will be in the global store bright listing.

Mikimoto introduces the new A World of Creativity (WOC) – Splash Collection, inspired by “Earth – a planet full of vitality”, water is the source of life, and life is closely related to water can breed endless life, Hope that through this series of praise the source of life.


18K White Gold Akoya Pearl Double Chain with Diamond RMB 449,000

Every year, MIKIMOTO brings together brands around the designer, and they are unique to the jewelry imagination concept and creative inspiration into the theme, committed to creating a glimpse of jewelery. This year, the designers to capture the splash of water splashing moments of light and shadow curve, with beautiful pearls outline water, with bright diamonds blooming water and shade, with a hundred years of superb craft show splash of water splendor moment, the latest series WOC – SPLASH Collection.

18K White Gold Akoya Pearl Pendant with Diamond RMB 105,000


18K White Gold Akoya Pearl Pendant with Diamond RMB 189,000


Series of flexible use of different sizes of Akoya pearls, designed to dance like a water point, accompanied by bright and beautiful diamonds, filling the modern young women fashion elegant and both lively and intellectual temperament.

18K White Gold Akoya Pearl Earrings with Diamond RMB 199,000

18K white gold Akoya pearl double chain with diamond brooch is undoubtedly the series of more eye-catching jewelry treasures. Brooch to 3.75 to 8.25 mm Akoya pearls to create a splash of water splash form, in addition to as a brooch single product, but also as a necklace pendant. And a single wearing Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica Akoya pearl double chain can fully reflect the fresh and elegant women’s unique charm.


German famous model Larissa Hofmann perfect interpretation

MIKIMOTO SPLASH Collection 18K White Gold Akoya Pearl Double Chain with Diamond


In addition, in the latest fall of the MIKIMOTO 2016 commercials, invited the famous Dutch photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen led his team and the German super popular model Larissa Hofmann in New York to shoot. Larissa Hofmann in the lens under the perfect interpretation of MIKIMOTO SPLASH Collection, with a simple daily clothing, showing a modern woman elegant and elegant fashion style!

SPKASH Collection also provides 18K white gold Akoya pearl with diamond chain and earrings.

Everything initiation Po poetry dragon interpretation of the spring waltz

Le 16 août 2017, 19:20 dans Humeurs 0

Wind soft, spring quiet, nature full of vitality. Since its founding in 1858, the vegetation creatures have become the source of inspiration for Boucheron’s poem and beyond. This year, Po Le Long for the Nature Triomphante natural festival series and animal animal series add new work, whether it is green four hanging ivy, or lively and colorful animals, are “light hand” Seiko secret agents made of Collection of treasures, telling the joy of all things in spring.


Boucheron Lierre de Paris series necklace

Lierre de Paris Paris Ivy Series


Boucheron Lierre de Paris series of mysterious watch

In 1858, Bao Shi Long first boutique in the Paris palace garden promenade opened. When everyone Cartier love bracelet replica was amazed at the luxury of French gardens, only Frédéric Boucheron was looking to the exquisite ivy of the promenade, so as to turn out the ingenuity of high-level jewelry. In 2017, Po Shi Long introduced platinum and diamonds to create a new Lierre de Paris Paris Ivy jewelry series, Ambilight highlights the Po-long on the classic heritage and the unique performance of modern aesthetics.

Haun the neck


Boucheron Lierre de Paris Series Point d’Interrogation Question mark Necklace

Lierre de Paris Paris Ivy series add a new work, Po poetry dragon learn 1881 antique jewelry symbol, in the classic to create a new high-level jewelry –Point d’Interrogation Paris Ivy question mark necklace. “Light of the hand” re-interpretation of the classic, the main body of the necklace imitation Mianya curl curl, nine full of pure gold and white leaves can not win. With the series Lierre de Paris necklace is focused on depicting the ivy green full of spring gesture, in the spring sun under the show show show vitality, to pay tribute to the natural flow and sincere, praise the vitality and eternal love.

Sprawling in the wrist


Boucheron Epile Lierre de Paris watch

To create to commemorate the Lierre de Paris Paris Ivy series of the most unique than this section Lierre de Paris Paris Ivy mysterious watch. Artisans will be the ivy image blend of traditional mysterious watch technology, the collision between the classic burst of infinite new ideas. The table hidden in the leaves below, sparse foliage of the vines composed of bracelet, embedded stealth buckle, shape and bracelet is no different. Another Epure Lierre de Paris watch to Fritillaria for the dial, white gold carved ivy branches, snowflake mosaic Fake Cartier love bracelet made of diamond leaves encrusted during the period, the branches carved vivid, as if the spring Yihua flow Huayao wrist.

Animal Collection


Boucheron Animal Collection Nuri Parrot Ring

Xiaochun early break, all things potential Meng, Shengjiaojue show the vitality of nature. In 2017, the Poetic Dragon Animal Collcetion animal series extract to Zhen jewel, unique color composition constitutes a fascinating gradient effect. Lively and lethargic cat, wearing colorful parrots, gorgeous gorgeous chameleon, all with the growth of all the early spring beauty of each other.

Symbolic courage and independent of the Fuzzy the Leopard Cat leopard cat


Boucheron Animal Collection Animal Leopard Cat Ring


Boucheron Animal Collection Animal Leopard Cat Rings Set with a tourmaline

Leopard cat has a sly eyes and Smart posture, its loneliness to rebellious wild so that Boucheron Po Long as its symbol of courage and independence. Fuzzy the Leopard Cat Leopard Cat Rose Gold Ring with gold as the background, champagne gold diamonds and black paint constitute the body pattern, emerald gem into the finishing touch; tail ring to take bold personality open design, another two-headed leopard cat Then set with a tourmaline, Yingying green against the background, as if the leopard cat shuttle in the jungle and grass.

Symbol of beauty and vitality of the Nuri the Parrot parrot


Boucheron Animal Collection Animal Series Nuri Parrot Ring Rose Gold

In the Indonesian culture, the Nuri parrot is a messenger of beauty and life, often accompanied by the ancient Cartier love ring replica Indian god of love Kama. Colorful gorgeous feathers and lively personality, making it the most cherished bird of Boucheron Po Po Long. This season the new Nuri parrot ring, respectively, orange and blue colors are the main colors, a variety of gems fire color composition of the crystal color of the birds feathers, lightweight artifacts on the finger.

A symbol of eternal life and hope of Masy the Chameleon chameleon


Boucheron Animal Collection Masy Chameleon Ring

When the 19th century jewelery designer is still immersed in the classical romantic atmosphere, Boucheron’s poetic design demands tend to be mystic and naturalism. Here, the color change of thousands of Masy chameleon has become a symbol of eternal life and hope, sublimation of extraordinary creative hall. This section Masy the Chameleon chameleon gold ring studded with six different colors of colored stones, blooming eye-catching charming gradient effect, ring to chameleon tail for inspiration, even more cute and lovely.

From the technical point of view the watch is still without losing the level of excellence

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Breguet: and the warm spring on the color wrist

Spring in March, coincides with the sunny, all things grow. Spring and pleasant days, with a Breguet watch in the wrist, your wonderful spring will be able to icing on the cake. Founded in 1775, the brand has a history of 240 years ago. As the Swiss watch industry, “Crown of the Pearl”, Breguet watches elegant and delicate, constantly inherited excellent classic, trying to create extraordinary timepieces. Still hesitant Choose a hold hold your watch, and the United States and spring endorsement it!


Four seasons, walking non-stop, graceful time has been to the spring. Bright Cartier nail bracelet replica red willow green, grass long warbler fly, and warm spring into a soft warm sun, flick face. Coincides with the spring when the bright, it is a good time to collect spring, picking a few weeks early spring color in the wrist, full of vitality and interesting. Breguet know the spring time of the hurry, so to cherish the gesture, will be numerous colors freeze in the soft when the meter, and the United States and the best spring spokesperson.


Peugeot elegant and moving

Since the 1775 brand has been created, the classic series has always been one of the most representative of Breguet, perfectly show the Breguet elegant and timeless style. 2016, the new launch of the Breguet (Breguet) classic series of Classique 9087 Ms. moon watch for the Breguet watch series add a rejuvenated, Peugeot elegant style particularly touched the heart.

Breguet: Bourgeois Burgundy Classic Collection Classique 9087 Moon Watch

White large enamel dial exquisite and elegant, and carefully decorated with the founder of the brand in 1783 to create a classic handed down the “Breguet Digital” when the standard, minute scale inlaid little stars, every five minutes of the scale of a unique lily-shaped, heritage classic. Dial 6 o’clock position with moon window, easy to observe the moon phase profit and loss, in its surface, watchmakers division with a small second hand, enhance the dial function. It is worth mentioning that the entire watch the use of the Breguet original blue steel pointer – this is Mr. Breguet in 1783 creation of the classic needle tip pointer, on this basis, the watchmaker to ingenuity design , With a more unique attitude to show the pointer shape, with elegant and delicate dial, prepared when the extraordinary temperament.

From the technical point of view, the watch is still without losing the level of excellence. 9087 equipped with Breguet 537L self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with silvery escapement and gossamer, with advanced technology and professional watchmaking Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica skills for women to create an extraordinary time. Through the bottom of the watch sapphire crystal bottom cover, the internal movement at a glance, hand-polished parts row upon row, patchwork layers of layers, more valuable is the parts very carefully decorated with hand-carved flowers, Decorated with elegant chic Geneva corrugated, gold balance wheel also decorated with exquisite wheat stakes decorated pattern. In order to ensure that women customers choose to buy, Breguet launched a total of eight new classic series of ladies watch, and provide natural mother of pearl handmade carved dial, decorated with blue steel pointer and Roman numerals, with platinum or rose gold Case, with a diamond version and non-diamond version, available for random purchase.


Charm personality unique fragrance

Breguet sailing series Marine Chronographe Dame 8827 women’s chronograph watch in many watches, also be regarded as different from the existence. Sports atmosphere blend of elegant temperament, revealing the modern women’s independent style.

Breguet Marine Chronographe Dame 8827 watch

As early as Mr. Breguet in the era, Breguet is committed to serving the distinguished female patrons, and even specifically for the female customer tailored mechanical movement, dedicated to women’s watch. Dial with steel material, equipped with a new white natural mother of pearl dial, highlighting the feminine temperament. Dial in addition to the central part of the show, but also intimate with a precise time to go with the second hand. 6 o’clock position can clearly observe the date, tap the timer button, you can start the central chronograph second hand operation, 3 o’clock position set 30 minutes totalizer, and 9 o’clock position of the 12-hour totalizer side by side. And is the power of storage up to 45 hours of 550 automatic winding mechanical movement to complete the mission of the above, making the watch graceful and harmonious and accurate coexistence of precision. In order to watch the wearer can bloom in the spring charm, Breguet specially prepared two different strap, a striking turquoise leather strap designed for the watch, the other is 8827 series of universal new Metal bracelet, can be made between the wrist.


Yongrong Hua Gui soft and beautiful eyes

Breguet Naples Queen Series is one of the most legendary collection of Breguet, in 1810, Naples Queen Caroline Murat commissioned Mr. Breguet to create an oval asked the table, this watch after more than two years of operation The polished was delivered in 1812. This number Replica Cartier jewelry is NO. 2638 watch has become the history of the earliest since a watch. Breguet watchmaker is inspired by it, in 2002 created the Naples Queen series, as one of the classic Breguet series.


Breguet Breguet Naples Queen Series Reine De Naples 9818 Mini Princess watch

The watchmaker followed the soft oval design, part of the table with the moon or power reserve display function, the other is equipped with self-reported when the complex functions. It is born out of such a historical origin, 2016, Breguet once again display their innovative ideas, launched Breguet (Breguet) Naples Queen Series Reine De Naples 9818 mini princess watch, followed by the Naples Queen series of unique oval table Shell, but also to ingenuity, the idea of a number of ingenuity of the design, the superb craftsmanship and elegant beauty perfect combination. Dial with lavender mother of pearl dial, unique and unique, decorated with exquisite white mother of pearl shell standard. As the mother of pearl material delicate and fragile, very test watchmaker process level. Bezel and lugs glare, a total of 64 inlaid about 1.654 kt of bright cut diamonds, the crown is also set with a weight of about 0.15 karats pear-shaped diamonds, even more dazzling. Watches equipped with silky gossamer, equipped with 38 hours power reserve Caliber 586/1 movement. With blue leather strap, luxurious

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