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replica bvlgari ring points diamond ring price

Le 12 février 2018, 11:07 dans Humeurs 0

The mainstream diamond ring market is roughly divided into 30 points, bvlgari points and one carat, of which 30 points diamond ring although small, the price is still fairly low, but inevitably seem a bit shabby, not suitable for wedding use, while one carat diamond ring although gorgeous atmosphere, It seems that some upstart temperament, not so close to the people, and the price is not affordable for most working-class, currently the most popular is the bvlgari-point diamond ring, so what exactly is the price of bvlgari points diamond ring?


Top quality replica bvlgari wedding ring,000 If the business will be a bvlgari-point diamond ring price of bvlgari,000, only two possibilities, one may be that businesses do not see you know the diamond market in fact, the lack of basic knowledge, you want to greatly The slaughter you, put your blood, or is this diamond is the top quality of the composition, fine cut, from a different perspective to release the beauty of diamonds, transparent color, without a trace of impurities , The perfect ratio, can make bvlgari minutes diamond ring in the visual effect looks the most, even more than one carat diamond ring, if these elements have, then do not hesitate, this diamond ring must be collection level, if you want to stay With the appreciation, then quickly start it.


Perfect phase of the diamond ring: about 20,000 yuan Now on the market replica bvlgari mens ring, most of them are concentrated in 20,000 yuan, may be because the store’s festive price will fluctuate, but the floating frequency is not large, twenty thousand Yuan or so diamond ring has basically done in the product phase is perfect, the naked eye will think it is a work of art, and details are also carved very carefully, smooth lines, transparent colors, and diamonds Together with the scarcity is the most attractive to draw the wallet to buy the main factors Xiaobian recommend reader friends buy this price diamond ring, try to choose the strength of the Daikin shop, in order to get the best shopping protection.


Low storm hit: less than ten thousand you do not have dazzles, and now 10,000 yuan also has bvlgari points of diamond ring, and many network GIA direct brand launched a replica bulgari ring purchased within 10,000 products, and can provide GIA gem identification Certificate, high cost, suitable for just out of the community of young people, as well as economically inexhaustible new purchase, within bvlgari points of diamond ring within the price of less than 10,000, can not ask how perfect it may Oh, the color may not be special Through, the work also appears a bit rough, angular is not polished, the gloss is also somewhat lacking, just reflects the penny stocks, when buying such diamond ring, we must carefully consider the clear Oh.

Married quickly selected Bvlgari couple diamond ring replica

Le 12 février 2018, 11:03 dans Humeurs 0

Song Hye Kyo and Song Zhongji wedding, and finally Song Hye Kyo or married to the TV drama inside the actor, so beautiful look, probably is the way of love! They have to get married, your Bvlgari couple ring ready? Your beloved choice of a Bvlgari couple diamond ring it!



How to choose a couple diamond Bulgari zero yellow gold replica? Although as long as you send Bvlgari diamond ring girlfriend will be happy, but still have to choose a nice girlfriend satisfied with the bulgari zero1 gold ring replica. Bvlgari couple diamond ring, with the “three students three miles of peach” unswerving love for the elements, really decentralized triangle embellishment, is the four seas and eight barren in the most solid love, homeomorphic diamond mosaic.


If you want a romantic proposal, then you can buy a fake bvlgari rings and a male ring with a pair of lovers ring Oh, choose a 50 E color GIA diamonds, the price is about 20,000, plus the ring, 2.2 Million or so will be able to take home, and then pick a line of mind in line with the mind, a pair of Bvlgari diamond ring bvlgari knock off about 26,000 can buy.


Feel that ordinary GIA diamonds can not meet your requirements on the degree of fire color? Then you can choose Bvlgari diamond than the GIA diamond color higher grade diamond, go to pick a satisfactory imitation Bulgari B.zero1 series of jewelry and male ring, such a pair of Bvlgari couple diamond ring On hand!

Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari” Treasures The Jewel art exhibition shining the capital

Le 2 février 2018, 15:52 dans 0

Bulgari held a grand opening ceremony for the exhibition April 28, featuring the Antoine Pin, Bulgari brand and collector curator of the Great China and Australian directors, SKP in Beijing’s Open Air Plaza, which presents “Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari”. Lucia Ms. Boscaini, Bulgari Global communications director Stéphane Gerschel, chairman of Hualian New Light department store Beijing Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu June, President of Beijing Guo Hua Real Estate Co., Ltd. visited the opening ceremony and cut the Ribbon for the exhibition.

“This year coincides with the 45 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties,” said Mr. Pingcheng, managing director of the Greater China region and Australia. To consolidate cultural exchanges between the two countries, Bulgari is presenting “Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari Treasure” collection of jewelry art exhibition, the first station in April Beijing, followed by May will be opened in Shanghai. In particular, we bring together a number of repo Elizabeth Taylor Treasures, as well as beautiful costumes and fine audio and video materials, these rare exhibits like a gem, we would like to string Taylor’s life, the most legendary, the best time to show their bright. “The exhibition showcases the 7 personal treasures of Elizabeth Taylor’s life, which was bought by Bulgari in 2011, and she has always had a special interest in Bulgari, and she has a unique collection of luxury Bulgari jewels.” The protagonist of the “Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari” collection of jewellery art is the 7 rare treasures that Bulgari bought back at the Christie’s serpenti bracelet price knock off auction in 2011, each of which is priceless and represents the most important moment in Taylor’s life. Bulgari Emerald and diamond flower styling Platinum Brooch Bulgari Emerald Diamond Platinum ring Bulgari sapphire Diamond Platinum necklace in these Elizabeth Taylor collections, a set of Bulgari Emerald diamond jewelry with the most legendary color, including: a mosaic of emerald and diamond flower shape spring Brooch-Taylor’s first Bulgari jewelry A Bulgari Emerald diamond ring-the first jewel Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor; an emerald diamond necklace with more than 80 carat gems–a gift from Burton to Taylor on the day of the two wedding in 1964–A necklace pendant was originally a emerald diamond brooch that Burton had given Taylor during his engagement, The exquisite rarity shows her preference for Bulgari.


Given Taylor’s treasured jewels and the classic scenes of Taylor’s masterpiece “Cleopatra” with a unique artistic skill, a new interpretation of Taylor’s Precious jewels Bulgari also exhibited the exquisite costumes and original posters of Taylor’s masterpiece, Hollywood classic epic “Cleopatra”, giving the exhibition richer content. The ingenuity of the exhibition by the French famous designer Fabien Iliou design and layout, with the help of lighting, color and stereo projection technology, with unique artistic skills to give Taylor collection of bvlgari serpenti bracelet price knock off and Taylor’s masterpiece “Cleopatra” in the classic scenes with a new interpretation. Installation art is the highlight of the exhibition design, from Milan’s designer Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra with the special yarn hanging to outline a manuscript-like pattern, with Taylor’s most special jewelry, but also Taylor and Burton film “Cleopatra” The flagship of Bulgari Avenue, which spent a good time, was a great idea for every detail, as well as an interpretation of Taylor’s legendary story.

Along with the jewellery, Taylor’s costume in Cleopatra’s film, and related movie clips Elizabeth Taylor is not only the most faithful fan of Bulgari, but also the embodiment of the Bulgari brand spirit. She and Bulgari are inextricably linked in many ways. Taylor’s life was like

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