This is the process of clothing consumption motivation, but the behavior of clothing consumption and clothing needs of different levels are closely related. In 1943, American psychologist Maslow put forward the theory of hierarchy of Cartier love bracelet replica needs, which divides people's needs into five levels: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect needs and self-actualization needs. So, when customers buy clothing, the demand for clothing is also mixed in these five aspects of fusion. For example: When a consumer economic income is low, the price of clothing is very sensitive, very much care about the price of clothing, his main consideration for the purchase of clothing durable wear, the use of durable and low prices, namely: clothing to He brought the physiological and security needs is the most important, while the beauty of Cartier love ring replica clothing, fashion, whether to get around people Group recognition and whether the full performance of their own personality characteristics do not pay attention. When a consumer has a high economic income, he may already have a lot of warm enough to keep warm and protect the body's clothing, the clothing of the physiological / security needs of the few concerns, more consideration is whether the clothing can be Whether it can be in the work and social process, through the clothing brand culture get the respect of others; even through the design language of clothing, clothing content to express their own personality characteristics and quality of life, the value of point of view, and so on. . That is, there are often middle-aged male customers spend a lot of money to buy luxury brand apparel to express economic strength and social status, want others to recognize, respect him, and even worship him; women to spend a romantic night with the beloved, get each other on their imitation cartier bracelet charm The purchase of expensive and sexy pajamas. As the people's living conditions are complex and varied and multi-level, so the consumer demand for clothing is also a multi-level combination.