“Snake-like” is the focus of the beautiful series: the sparkling diamond snake necklace worn on the neck, the snake-headed pendants will hang in the chest, and in the gold diamond-studded ring, the snake’s fangs clearly Cartier love bracelet replica visible, Mouth also contains ruby. The series used Boucheron favorite sapphire — sapphire string into a geometric earrings from the ear has been down to the shoulder, so that the wearer charming extraordinary. With 60 boutique dangerous and beautiful series, bold and decisive design, inherited the Boucheron past the luxury of the momentum, the interpretation of a veritable “dangerous beauty”, coupled with the jewelry master impeccable craftsmanship, the series has become Boucheron’s classic.

Mysterious day flower

In order to pay tribute to Boucheron 150 anniversary, the British jewelry designer Shaun Leane once again unrestrained imagination of the brand uphold the spirit of innovation. Mysterious day flower necklace with black gold as the main color, so inlaid sapphire, brown diamond, white diamond and ruby branches and flowers and flowers intertwined, burst out of the power of growth and entanglement.

Consuming 3200 hours of carefully crafted 11 independent opening and closing of the activities of buds, so that you change the mystery in a day different shapes.

Gem series

Boucheron (Boucheron) The newly launched Gaité Parisienne series of fine jewelry to Paris gorgeous way of life for the design inspiration, depicting the so-called “beautiful age” (Belle Epoque) period of women, on behalf of the place, symbol of emblem and so on.

This series of high-level jewelry a total of seven boutique, each group are named after a woman, every woman’s personality style is their own jewelry style creative fountain. Of course, so the name is only the charm of these extraordinary charm of the Cartier love ring replica performance of the starting point of charm, because every one is the praise of Paris, is filled with every level of life in Paris, colorful and beautiful praise.

Consisting of two rubies and pink and violet sapphires. In the intertwined flowers, are the top gem, including a 5.01 karats of the oval rose sapphire, and a 4.30 karats of the oval rose sapphire, are totally natural in the abstract style of the design.

This large necklace chain hangs a colorful flower cluster, set the emerald and diamond leaves wrapped around the necklace, bright color, flowing like a wave. Flowers petals color from shallow and deep: bright red ruby, pink sapphires, lilac and dark blue sapphires, stop at a 25-carat long-angle ladder cut blue sapphire. This is a stunning sapphire sits the necklace center point, so that the beauty of luxury is more harmonious shape. By www.aier.su