ALENZA, Italy – Although some of its work spaces had been used for a few weeks, Bulgari’s new jewelery factory was still a work in progress earlier this month.


The creamy marble floors and sparkling walnut in the reception area were still covered and the leather armchairs were moved to a conference room. The marble and wood were from Italy, as were the chairs of the Italian producer Poltrona Frau, because Bulgari, based in Rome, considers his Italian heritage as one of his main strengths.


Gold is Bulgari’s stock market, and a room full of huge metal ovens prepares it for production, scrubbing the sheets that arrive at the factory and mixing them with other metals, such as silver or copper, to create white gold , Yellow or pink.


The gold is then cooled and broken into small potato chips. The plastic containers with hundreds of thousands of dollars of chips are then dragged into an adjacent room, where the chips will be cast and plated into plaster molds.


The Bulgari jewels will still be made in Rome; His accessories in Florence; Her perfumes in Lodi, in the Italian Lombardy region; Silk in Como and watchmaking in Switzerland.


But Valenza will produce the leading jewelery collections: Serpents, Diva’s Dream, Bvlgari 1 ring replica, Parentesi, MVSA, Coins, Save the Children and BVLGARI-BVLGARI. And all the machines, Mr Rapone said, will simply help “workers to reproduce exactly the art of designers.