Diamond ring because it represents a pure, timeless, so people like it as a token of love, life, hundreds of thousands of carats easily, for many wage-earners the price is too expensive, look at the moment, replica buy bvlgari ring online has become the trend, Then you know bvlgari bare drill how much money? How to choose? The following bvlgari will be specifically for you to say, when buying loose diamonds, to shop around, even the same level of diamonds, different brands of its price is different, for the international big names, the brand more value-added , The price is naturally high, so when we choose to compare a lot more so that we can find cost-effective businesses.


If we can choose the earliest engaged in wedding ring real-name custom Hong Kong diamond brand bvlgari, it is learned that each one bvlgari diamond ring are required real-name custom, meaning: in my name, Crown your fingers, accompanied by his life, “I and bvlgari In addition, bvlgari also solemnly promised that each one diamond bvlgari diamond ring are equipped with international GIA certificate and the test certificate of the state authority ( Double certificate); and diamond ring to your hands, you can pass the unique number of the certificate to GIA’s official website or national agency testing official website for the certificate of diamond ring is consistent, so romantic after-sales service and guaranteed brand, is undoubtedly worth We rest assured to buy.


replica bvlgari ring sale loose diamond prices As we all know, the quality of diamonds and diamond 4C is closely related to the diamond is not only the main factor of all diamond jewelry, but also the main factor in the price, bvlgari loose diamonds, ck to determine the number of bvlgari, the other three diamonds Item such as color, clarity, cut is bvlgari diamond price of the main factors, we can according to the diamond certificate on the level of records and the international diamond quotation to calculate the price of loose diamonds, in general, bvlgari loose diamond The price is about 3,000 yuan.


bvlgari Bare diamond selection tips Want to choose cost-effective replica vintage bvlgari rings, I must mention is the diamond cut, cut affect the diamond fire color and brightness, good cut even cover up the color and clarity So when we choose, we should pay more attention to the cut grade. If you have enough budget, you can choose the cut, color and clarity of the diamond, if you have a limited budget, you can lower the color and Clarity grade, because the color and clarity in the daily situation is very difficult to use the naked eye to distinguish its level, bvlgari bare drill how much money? Read the above statement I believe you already know, bvlgari remind everyone in the purchase of the purchase, not only concerned about the quality and level of loose diamonds, but also according to each other’s preferences to choose the right diamond ring.