You have not seen Cartier has a crocodile necklace, yes, I have not seen, today in magazines, suddenly found a Cartier crocodile necklace, so I think it is too attractive.


This realistic crocodile necklace is Cartier’s work for Mexican actress María Félix, made in 1975.

María Félix has been playing a sexy woman in the film “French Kangkang Dance”, she is also very fond of luxury exaggerated decoration, had his own two pet crocodile in an aquarium to Cartier shop , Asked to order a prototype with their necklace.

A few months later, Cartier completed the work, compared to María Félix pet crocodile slightly larger. Necklace on the small crocodile lifelike, can rely on the whole hinge structure “free” to swing the body, each crocodile can be used as a chest alone wear.

Two small crocodiles were used in different gem mosaic, one of which is made of gold, a total of 1023 bright cut yellow diamond, weighing 60.02 karats, with two arcs to cut the emerald to represent the eyes; the other Then the emerald to show the green crocodile skin, the eye part of the mosaic of two arc cutting ruby.

I think this crocodile necklace is the biggest charm and Cartier Love Bracelet Replica perfect match. Is also the most suitable with the. Cartier love bracelet has a unique elegant atmosphere, the crocodile necklace gives a sense of luxury, two jewelry together with the more able to reflect the unique charm of Cartier.