Whether it is love necklace or a few carat love They are expensive because of diamonds, even if the price is also determined by the diamond diamond cartier love necklace copy, love is relatively small, of course, the price will not be too high, since it consists of Diamonds determine the price, then the amount of money it constitutes cartier necklace? What is the price of cartier necklace? The following marriage custom custom CARTIER for everyone to introduce.


copy cartier pendant this size for many new people or people who do not understand the diamond is more strange, because most have heard 1 carat or a few carats of diamonds, Cartier What is the concept? We popularize this knowledge first. This concept is actually one carat diamond-size units, one-carat is 100 points, and less than one-carat diamonds, people put it from cartier to 90 points to divide, cartier can be 0.1 carats, 90 points is 0.9 carats , cartier necklace How much is the general price cartier necklace is the smallest one carat in size, the size of the tiny we see with the naked eye, its diameter is only three millimeters, of course, such a small necklace price will not be too high, usually Its price is also a thousand or two thousand dollars, the price for the average person from the consumption. In fact, no matter what size necklace is a quality difference, according to the quality of its different prices will have different amplitude deviation, and the price deviation is determined by the diamond 4c, 4c including weight, color, clarity and Cut, 4C better, the higher the price, but because cartier is too small, it is generally not rated in 4c.


What affects the price of copy love cartier necklace Above we know that there is no mosaic for the price of the cartier necklace is mainly determined by the diamond 4c, but once it is inlaid into love, then the price will be more expensive. In addition to the price of diamond inlaid with cartier necklace, but also with the style, material and other brands have a relationship, in particular, the impact of the brand on the price of love is relatively large. Of course, we do not necessarily have to buy brand finished love, we can still buy custom necklace love, custom love price more favorable, and more meaningful, such as the true love romantic copy love necklace cartier brand, it The love is not only a romantic one life only, and each one CARTIERlove implies in my name, Crown your fingers, accompanied by his life, his life, very romantic and unique. Use such a love to witness the best moment of happiness and the most sincere love vows more precious, cartier necklace how much money? Through the introduction of CARTIER we know that although it is not expensive, but with cutting, clarity and color and other parameters have a decisive relationship, in addition to cartier necklace once used for love, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry processing, it The price will soar.