Watch the top of the war classic "table" situation Earl Altiplano 34mm with 38mm watch IWC refined taste IWC (IWC) of the opening year is the Parker Fenuo series. Pato Fenuo is a beautiful seaport town on the Ligurian coast, representing the Mediterranean life of the 1960s. In 1984, the first Park Tao Fenuo watch debut, watch diameter of 46 mm, equipped with moon phase Cartier love bracelet replica display, equipped with slim 9521 pocket watch movement, let it have pocket watch and watch art crystal title. Since then, IWC for this series have done some changes to modify, but refined simple style has continued, this year's four watches as no exception. Parker Fenuo automatic watch Park Tao Fenuo automatic watch, dial the ultimate simplicity. This year the classic watch put on a more modern 40 mm diameter case, and after a detailed process to redesign, the watch is even more slim. Park Tao Fenuo time watch Park Tao Fenuo time watch, through the crown can easily change the time zone and reset the date. Strap made by the Italian high-quality leather shoes manufacturer Santoni, has a special color level. Baume & Mercier At this year's show, Baume & Mercier's two new lines, the Linea and Capeland, combined the seaside elements as a selling point, and during the SIHH, celebrities hosted a seaside party with more than 900 seats VIP present, the scene is very grand. Among them, the women's watch Linea was born in the last century 80's, to smooth and soft curve known, and later introduced in 2000 the concept of the replacement strap, so watch the watch to wear more fashionable fun. And Capeland is known as the retro fashion movement design, celebrity is depicted as "men, boats and the horizon," the idle picture, represents a free escape of life ideal. Linea watch Linea watch, mother of pearl dial, attached to a satin or black calfskin strap, mechanical self-winding movement with sapphire crystal glass table. Capeland watch Capeland watch, table back and glass Cartier love ring replica mirror of the distinctive curve reminiscent of the contours of pebbles. It is another major feature of dual-material dial, and equipped with tachometer and range finder display. Cartier simple beauty Cartier (Cartier) in the SIHH launched a series of new, including one thousand one hour jewelry watch series, Cartier d'Art senior watch series, card calendar series, blue balloon series and the new advanced watch series Wait. Cartier good jewelry table and enamel table gorgeous appearance is naturally stunning focus, but there are several modeling simple but not low-key new is to let people of insight put it down. Delices de Cartier watch trumpet watch Delices de Cartier watch trumpet watch. Slightly reverse the oval dial shape makes it look very special, with 18K rose gold material, even more touchy feminine pretty. This section of the watch also diamond models, will be more luxurious some. Piaget ultra-thin charm As early as half a century ago, Piaget's advanced watchmaking factory carried out the journey of making ultra-thin watches - the beginning of 1957, the count developed a thickness of only 2 mm mechanical movement, and named 9P, in the Watches and clocks manufacturing industry terms, representing the 9 points movement. Assembled 9P movement watch and the subsequent evolution of the 12P automatic movement watch, were in 1960 in the Basel Watch Fair grand launch, became the world's most slim automatic movement. Since then, in the Earl developed 29 self-made movement, 17 for the ultra-thin models, so that the count in the ultra-thin movement has a very strong position. In this year's SIHH debut of the Earl's new ultra-thin watch is the Altiplano series. This series was first in 1998, to the appearance of a clear frame and dial design is simple. This year's new addition to these features, joined the count also good at the jewelry production process, showing more gorgeous. Blue balloon series of ultra-thin watch Blue balloon series of ultra-thin watch, platinum case, independent number, limited sale. Grooved crown, inlaid with Replica Cartier jewelry a convex round sapphire, is one of the most intriguing details. In addition, its strap is a very rare dark blue crocodile leather strap, echoing the blue dial. Chaumet enamel pure Has been focused on the movement of the production of Chaumet in this Dandy enamel watch production is no exception, invited the watchmaker is the famous Jean-Michel Wilmotte. While the dial to the big fire enamel method of firing, so that the appearance of the blue is so beautiful and so amazing. This series of watches a total of three models, each limited edition 4. But in fact enamel table has always been known for a unique, because it is pure hand to create, so even if the same style will be slightly different products, each one can be called solitary goods. Dandy platinum power reserve watch Dandy platinum power reserve watch, dial to 18K white gold as the base, blue engraving, energy storage reflected in the 2 o'clock position of the small window, 9 o'clock position for the second window, 6 o'clock position for the date window, the whole Only watch elegant atmosphere and yet personality.