Do men wear gold necklaces?

Q: Recently want to buy a gold necklace to a friend, a friend is a man, tall, thin, wearing a gold necklace will look good? Will it be very tacky?


Best answer: men wear gold necklace or according to their own style and body to have the occasion to choose, tall and thin, then to choose not too thick not too fine gold necklace, style selection simple, of course, when wearing But also points to the occasion. In general, if the choice is not good, it will give people a strange feeling, such as fat man wearing gold necklace is difficult to make people feel beautiful. A kind of indescribable feeling of childishness. I think it should be cool, I remember in the way like someone wearing this gold necklace, giving a feeling of gangsters Big Brother, but people have temperament ah.


Say beautiful. If you wear a T-shirt