Do men wear gold necklaces?

Q: Recently want to buy a gold necklace to a friend, a friend is a man, tall, thin, wearing a gold necklace will look good? Will it be very tacky?


Best answer: men wear gold necklace or according to their own style and body to have the occasion to choose, tall and thin, then to choose not too thick not too fine gold necklace, style selection simple, of course, when wearing But also points to the occasion. In general, if the choice is not good, it will give people a strange feeling, such as fat man wearing gold necklace is difficult to make people feel beautiful. A kind of indescribable feeling of childishness. I think it should be cool, I remember in the way like someone wearing this gold necklace, giving a feeling of gangsters Big Brother, but people have temperament ah.


Say beautiful. If you wear a T-shirt or a cardigan, neck or a fine or thick gold necklace, how to look like is decent, gold is a love expression, in the wedding and wedding is frequently , Is not a match with a man, completely imagined, gold and so good value. In fact, some men wear gold necklace, may not have so many ideas, may be just a decoration or should be his girlfriend or his wife’s request, with a couple chain of what, it is understandable.


Or according to their own conditions to choose their own gold fake Van Cleef & Arpels necklace, and wear the time to pay attention to match and occasions.

Q: want to buy gold ring ring wear, but listen to people that gold ring is married people wear, usually bought to wear it? What kind of person is suitable for wearing a gold ring?


Best answer: In today’s life, the gold ring is definitely a wild treasure, wearing a ring is not just a married person’s patent. Whether you dress casual or wear orthodoxy, you can wear gold ring, choose your favorite style can be, when the time to marry him or Valentine’s Day, men can come to gold to seek marriage, a symbol of each other heart , Tied to each other’s heart. Gold rings are usually simple, stylish, simple lines or fashionable patterns. Men and women can wear. Single youth can also choose a separate wear up, taste super unique. So, wear gold ring stone all ages, men and women are safe.


Other: gold material for the metal ring. Do the ring is particularly suitable for the gold system to do out of the ring can be long to maintain the shape of the same, and not perishable. Wearing different styles of gold ring can enhance people’s different temperament, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people to buy gold, which is a symbol of identity, but also shows the progress of people’s material quality of life. From the health point of view, wearing a gold ring is also good.

Q: recently bought a pair of gold earrings, wearing time is always bad, it takes a long time, how to wear gold earrings how to wear it easier?


Answer: We usually see the earrings, there will be behind the metal or plastic block, so easy to wear, the earrings into the ear pierced earrings, and then blocked in the back of the ear can be a. Then the gold ear nail to how to wear it? Some jewelry store will also provide you with plastic or 18K gold small block, wearing a law and the same as the ordinary earrings, from the back of the ear lips can be blocked. But this is not good place to wear is not strong, gold ear nails easy to lose;


Then gold ear nail how to wear a strong security%