Once again, to the annual summer vacation, there are an endless number of things I want to do with these ten fingers during this summer vacation. Apart from doing poor or inadequate homework, housework and sport during the normal classes, we are able to double them in these two months and hope to learn more after-school skills and knowledge in various summer camps.


After the summer vacation, I rose to second grade. In order for me to adapt to senior schoolwork and develop a more independent habit, my mom arranged for me to take a course preview course this year and to join me in a field combat camp. Although I have a full summer plan, waiting for me to achieve, but still have to get up early in the summer to hear the class, at night have to wait for her mother to go home after work, the hearts of the complainant has never stopped. Since the first day of summer vacation, I looked at the calendar every day, thinking: Grandma, when will I come to pick me home, my beautiful summer day seeing slip away day by day.


Time flies fast, a blink of an eye over the summer half. Go back and check my summer vacation life this month, really busy! First of all, the previous summer homework, busy mom always want to use a short week, to finish my summer homework, then I will be sent back to my grandmother, so she always nervous, tear the throat while reading and cursing, And I often reluctantly, unwilling rush rush perfunctory, so because of poor job quality, repeatedly repaired by the mother, and asked to rewrite, and made me and my mother’s ‘war’, from school Has been extended to the grandmother until the end of the summer, but also because of this, my summer life is always fatiguing. And this year up to a month of liquor; summer homework combat camp risque ;, my mother and I have a ghost, I thought: Since it must be with her mother to live nine to five summer vacation life is a month, it can not be changed, then I Had to hold the most drastic determination to complete each kind of homework. However, my mother just happened to have the opposite idea with me. A month later, the time suddenly increased. My mother thought: why not adjust the time pressure during school so that he could think more about space. On such a retreat, my summer homework was pleasantly completed under this harmonious atmosphere.


In addition to completing the summer homework, I did have more rest time, all at once to help my mother sucking the floor, and suddenly receive clothes, although sometimes more help the more busy, but always learn in error, and gradually get praised by her mother, Let me deeply understand my mother’s hard work, and no longer free to say anything. This summer, I once again participate in swimming lessons, completed last year did not learn the ventilation skills. At the beginning of this year’s course, it was not long before I caught the feeling of ventilation. In a moment, I was able to move forward freely in the swimming pool, so happy! One hour a day of swimming lessons, although not a long time, but after dinner swimming, amazing food always to the adults was scared dumbfounded, so unpleasant it!

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The highlight of the summer vacation in July, but also my most anticipated field combat camp finally to debut. The day before the trip, my mother still earnestly reminds me of team discipline, do not act alone, happy to go out, go home safely. At that time, I always suspected mother’s long-winded, but it is to play in the wild accommodation only. When an arrival destination Xiayunping, get off the car, the hot sun, has made me sweat, eyes open also cannot open. Then a series of health education, outdoor climbing, hiking, hiking and other outdoor activities in Xiangxi, reminds me of the home cool air-conditioned, soft bed and sleep with my baby. Whenever I think of the unreasonable demands and treatment of teamwork, it always makes us hate tooth itch, but also from the mother to impolite me, three or five deeds and demeanor, but also angry flush, long time cannot be relieved. I think this cannot wait to quickly put into the embrace of her mother, told her: Mom. I’m sorry, I really love you Oh! The activity is quite different from what I expected in my heart, but it has been a real bonus for me. Team members are not dignified words and deeds, let us read, very uncomfortable listening, so the heart of compassion, I should not use this to treat others. The champion of each competition, usually because of the tacit understanding of teamwork, how to unite this force, in addition to the leader of the group is very important, more importantly, the team members should trust and cooperate with each other, cultivate a tacit understanding of the team spirit. Thanks to my mom’s hard work every day, gave me a comfortable and comfortable life, so I have the opportunity to participate in these activities.

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In the blink of an eye, only half the wonderful summer life left, then I began to build a dream. I dreamed of being born on August 1, and once I returned to my hometown, I could receive beautiful gifts fake Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee bracelet cheap, delicious ice cream cake and family blessing. Then, I and my cousin, wake up every day to sleep naturally, eating grandma delicious dishes, after lunch break, to play near the primary school, and sometimes eat food uncle, will whim ups riding a motorcycle around me to eat snacks at night market night With grandparents squeeze in the same room air-conditioned, chatting slowly fall asleep. This seemingly boring, day after day summer life, but it is what I most look forward to, because here, you can live sunrise and sunset, life, home will be fragrant Food to meet me, more importantly, noisy laughter, is my favorite voice