In southeast Asia to buy diamond his tricks Mo SangShi: most artifical gems like diamonds Not long ago, Mr. Li from hangzhou to travel to southeast Asia, pay big money to buy the 15 grain is almost a "big diamond" carats. Return to hangzhou, Mr. Li will diamond to the detection of the specialized institutions, it was found that in fact only with diamond appearance, nature very approximate mo SangShi, market sale price is only about 1/5 of the diamond. Like Mr Li will not wrong SangShi as diamond consumer. Learned from parties concerned, the mo SangShi is C3 company successfully developed in 1998 by the United States advanced artificial gem, its imitation cartier love bracelet multiple physical characteristics are very similar to diamond, there are "the most like diamond synthetic jewel". Because of mo SangShi resembles natural diamonds, some unscrupulous traders began to move slanting brains. According to introducing, in the current market, a cost just $400 1 kramer SangShi fake diamonds can fetch at least $8000 or more. In recent years, some illegal importers will also start mo SangShi mixed with ordinary artificial gem import together, then fill do diamond sold for profiteering. At present, in chongqing, Shanghai, nanjing, tianjin and other cities, has repeatedly appeared mo SangShi fake diamond sell event, greatly harm the interests of consumers. Jewelry line: artificial stones can be identified Once deceived many businesses are mo SangShi really difficult to identify? The answer is no. The personage inside course of study says, as a kind of artificial gems, mo SangShi with diamond still have certain difference. In 10 times the precious stones under the magnifying glass, for example, mo SangShi refraction of light, cutting edges and not neat, compared with Cartier love bracelet replica diamond disadvantage is obvious. At the same time, using the professional instrument, through test hardness, specific gravity, etc., can also let the mo SangShi "is". Consumer: buying a diamond ring to see whether the certification At present, China's imports of synthetic gemstones in the unrestricted. Hangzhou customs according to the latest statistics, from January to August this year, only in zhejiang province, including the mo SangShi artificial gem import of 31.6 tons, imports of more than 2002 years. So, for neither identify professional knowledge, nor professional instrument for consumers, how to reduce the risk of diamond consumption exist? As an ordinary consumer, experts said, the only way is to put an end to be fraud purchase through normal channels. But consumers also want to note that the formal appraisal certificate shall clearly indicate the gem grade, weight and other such matters with the signature of the appraiser and the pictures of the goods itself. When to buy the best demand businessman in detail on the invoice indicating the content of its commitments, such as item name, colour, quality, price, etc. In the event of quality issue, can protect their own interests with invoice. Stone is perhaps the most ordinary things, but in the "kingdom of rock" also has many unique members called stone or peak, the more some "stone" because of their expensive, touted as a country "by". Strictly speaking, "by" most precious minerals, some rare gems, also because replica Cartier love jewelry of this, ability is qualified to become "by". Opal - by Australia Opal is opal, composition is sio2, so hard. Generally formed in volcanic activity of frequent area of hot springs, or through the decomposition of silicate minerals. Opal is a unique gem, because it has changed color, the sun can emit the light colorful and gorgeous, any kind of gem can't compare with. Australia is the home of opal stones, here, you can find different kinds of opal, such as white opal, black opal, etc. Australian women often wear a gull opal necklace, ring, brooch, etc., made of charm. Due to other parts of the world gulls output, as a worthy by Australia. Diamond - by the British Although there is no color diamonds, but gloss with burning eyes, style is decorous, be particular about demeanour temperament of the British people always regarded as a gem. Of (among) all the stones, diamond has the highest hardness, British men like to use a diamond on behalf of their firm and resolute; Women are willing to use diamond parable my holiness and nobility. Britons have long diamond as a promise between men and women, the habit was soon adopted by the western world, and spread to the east. As a result of the external expansion of the British, the colonists did not forget to all over the world as their own diamonds, the collection has the world's most rare and precious diamond. By sapphire - the United States Not the blue gem is the sapphire, the sapphire on mineralogy is a kind of corundum, hardness is second only to diamond (diamond). It glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, colour and lustre is decorous, has long been regarded as the symbol of love. In the Cartier love necklace replica western United States is well-known for sapphire, when western gold rush, many explorers found sapphire as a symbol of wealth. Ruby - by myanmar Ruby is a kind of corundum, because of containing chromium (Cr) in the process of mineralization, therefore, present a brilliant red color, luster bright, warm and cordial. Ruby jewelry, whether rings or necklaces, are attractive light shone and noble taste, are adored by people. Burma is the famous producer of ruby, every year attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world and the jeweler. As a symbol of by, shwedagon pagoda in yangon, the capital of the tower, enchase 93 giant, glittering and translucent ruby, they represent the brightness, sparkling in the sunlight. Amber - by Romania Amber is actually a special kind of fossil, formed from the pine resin, internal often embedded into various impurities even insects. It is generally believed that the transparency of amber is higher, insects, save the more complete, amber, the more valuable. Amber color gives a person with warm feeling, usually a light yellow or light brown. Come with amber, many countries in the world but Romania, as by the amber. Olivine - by Egypt The ancient Egyptian olivine as by their own sense of it. The formation of olivine must experience "pain", they are found in Fake Cartier jewelry igneous rock, the birth of a nation and growth also must go through a difficult process. Forged by fire, olivine presents the bright green, glass luster, beautiful. Egypt is rich in olivine, also the most qualified by olivine as his. Pearl - by India Pearl shellfish through secretion is similar to inner shell material of foreign body package of the products in the body. Is generally solid granular material, the higher the roundness, the individual, the greater the pearl, the more valuable. Pearl with downy burnish, clean and beautiful Cartier love earring replica, has been widely used in medicine, too. India is a buddhist country, pearl of the noble holy and Buddhism together, gets the ancient times India's national recognition. Emerald - by Columbia The Colombia in South America is rich in emerald, reserves accounted for 95% of the world, there is the world's largest emerald deposit. Emerald is also called emerald, emerald green color is elegant, price more expensive than diamonds, can make emerald by Columbia.