Seiko spy Micro painting enamel watches legendary charm Micro painting enamel is a representative of the western enamel craft, nowadays there are few schools for enamel paint with the traditional techniques to teach, and high quality enamel is becoming more and more become a rarity. Its craft is the embryos to burn a opaque layer of enamel glaze on the bottom, then painting, kiln burn becomes. Use special stylus, coloured drawing or pattern with high power microscope amplification as auxiliary tool, with a few weeks or even months careful painting. With a high temperature roasting, let the color deepening, until a dazzling brilliance. Because each glaze color change after heating is different, often need Cartier love bracelet replica multiple color match multiple fire to complete. Micro painting Enamel (Miniature painting Enamel Enamel Miniature), also called painted Enamel, are the three categories of Enamel, (the other two are wire inlay Enamel fill Enamel) in one of the most difficult. Painted enamel production techniques, originated in the middle of the 15th century Europe Belgium, France, the Netherlands border of des. Late 15th century, in France in the Midwest, on the basis of its production within the fill enamel craft, develop into painted enamel powerhouse, early make the subject of religious artifacts, then gradually into the decorative arts and crafts. As the frequent trade exchanges between the east and west, especially since pacify Taiwan qing kangxi 23 years, the open sea, Atlantic products began flooding, western enamel was introduced into China from guangzhou port, and local factories to develop, called YangCi, palace is called enamel. Once thriving micro painting enamel craft to the beginning of the 20th century, due to make a micro painting enamel surface time-consuming, laborious and pocket watch because of the rise of wrist watch gradually into history, and master of miniature enamel painted with shrinking die, the world can watch painted enamel craft master of about 10 people, less than four studio. This makes is known as one of the seven major Geneva tabulation technology of miniature enamel painting appears to be more pity is expensive. Its producing method is first covered a layer of resistance to deformation in pan enamel glaze, firing process for the high temperature resistant, table pan again in metal plate up and several layers of white glaze, and began to draw. Enamel master sable used single brushes with Cartier love ring replica exquisite brushwork whitewash several layers of coloured glaze, map the exquisite patterns. Mixed color at this time is the greatest knowledge, if the color mixture over the pattern after sintering blurred images, so when the local paint after sintering, and then the next part, and then sintered, always repeat this action to complete work. The last procedure is on several layers of colorless transparent glaze, the enhancement pattern stereo feeling. Sometimes a miniature painting enamel must repeat sintering dozens of times, if a burn out (such as cracking, color mixture failure, etc.) will destroy the work. So tiny painted enamel is very precious, a good micro painting enamel table value often hold millions. Although enamel production technology such as micro painting have their corresponding specification process, but if live ammunition drills, each brand Cartier jewelry replica or different enamel master, all have their own secret, and shall not be gaiden - this is why we can find on the market of the same process to produce enamel table, always some different brand the subtle difference between the language of "is not explained. Now in Swiss watch, can produce micro painting enamel brand are numbered. Apart from a few brands such as Jacques johndroe, Athens has its own exclusive enamel team, can appear even several brands with an enamel division cooperation. The enamel sensation is Anita Porchet, she signed on the picture is "a. Porchet". Patek philippe and vacheron constantin, fake Cartier love jewelry, the earl of many top enamel and hermes table are from her hand. She inherited the Suzanne Rohr, and Suzanne, Rohr, Carlo from master Poluzzi, both beginning for Geneva enamel top character. Her latest work of this year is for hermes and chanel/weibo micro painting enamel sheets. She made for hermes pocket watch, into the "in" the process, namely let tiny gold grains naturally "floating" in the midst of a transparent enamel; While the "screen" enamel table, chanel with miss Coco boudoir in China screen as the theme, like embroidery, described the painting of flowers and attitude on the screen. Another master must carry the enamel, is home to product creation Miklos Merczel. Famous product, lotus Master Minute Repeater 3 q watch dial is from his hand. It was also because of the existence of the master, just make product home can provide bracelet clock customized service in . The famous Reverso series wrist watch because of the reversible design table back, for micro painting enamel provides excellent creative space, also achievement Miklos Merczel numerous classic. He once said, the biggest charm of micro painting enamel is, when the years trace quietly climbed up the movement and case, only the dial is still like yesterday's delicate and charming.