Prince Oyster Date Submariner watch

[Overall description]

Case diameter 40 mm, thickness 13 mm. Case number 961173, model 94110, case for the Rolex manufacturing, a good product, the central second hand, automatic winding function, waterproof 200 meters, stainless steel three-piece case, polished and matte polished, screw-in table back and crown , Can be two-way rotating blue bezel, triple waterproof crown with a protective device, sapphire crystal, date amplification device, blue dial, luminous material filled square or rectangular time scale, luminous material imitation Cartier love bracelet filled with stainless steel material pointer, Rolex Oyster table band.

【Movement configuration】

2783 movement, rhodium-plated, 25 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, shock absorber, self-compensation flat hair, dial, case and movement are signed.

【Product Report】

Case 3 (very good); dial 3 (very good), pointer 01 (original); movement 3 * (very good, it is recommended to check the movement, need to pay the buyer); expert comprehensive evaluation AA (very good).


The development of the rudder dive has gone through four stages: the first stage for the 20th century, the fifties and sixties, and Rolex shared case, bezel, crown, pointer and strap, is the real Rolex ” But also the Tudor Logo’s “flower” period, on behalf of models 7922,7924 and 7928; the second stage of the 20th century, the late 60s to the 80’s, in addition to the early 7016/0 still follow 7928 in the “flowers” Logo, This period of Tudor table has been used all shield Logo, the model is relatively more, such as 9401,94010,7021,9411 and 94110 and so on. The auction used in the “ax needle” is the period of Tudor submarine watch one of the biggest features. The third stage for the 20th century, eighties and nineties, until this period, Tudor is still not completely out of Rolex’s “shadow”, the similarity is still very high, “Mercedes-Benz” is the rudder of this period of the most prominent characteristics of the rudder one. From the end of the last century, the fourth stage, Tudor with Hydronaut replaced the dial on the use of decades of Submariner, officially created their own era.

How to identify the true and false Longines watches?

From the appearance point of view, genuine Longines watch dial, the back cover of the trademark and Replica Cartier jewelry brand handwriting clear and complete; dial on the number of drill and the actual number of drill within the corresponding; back cover marked with the material used in case matching; Longines glass smooth and clean; case components outside the edges and corners without sharp sense; coating without bubbles, do not fall off. Counterfeit genuine Longines watch dial, the back cover of the trademark and brand writing fuzzy; dial marked with the actual number of drill drill number does not match; case components outside the rough edges and corners, a layer of foam, shedding or accessories broken and so on.

1. true Longines back cover not only have this model, and there will be carved up below the fuselage number, each one is not the same, you can take this fuselage and your watch on the warranty card Body number check, true form of the model and body number should be consistent with the warranty card.

2. Look at the watch work, if the truth above the font and brand LOGO to use the back cover lettering will do very clear, and false workmanship is relatively rough, the font will be more vague.

3. really Longines watches are sapphire crystal table mirror, very wearable, you can use this method to identify is not sapphire crystal, with water droplets test method to identify, water droplets in the sapphire crystal does not spread, but also Do not leave the water marks, then the watch is the table mirror is sapphire crystal, on the contrary, if the water drops up on the spread, it shows that this table is certainly a problem. These you can as a reference, if you really do not understand You can take your watch to the regular maintenance station to do some identification.

4. From the movement point of view, genuine Longines watch movement inside the plywood or put thallium marked with the corresponding trademark signs words; movement in the case of solid components; movement clean. Fake Longines watch movement of the plywood or put thallium no signs on the signs, or trademark signs handwriting rough, fuzzy, skew, or simply paste with a small copper; movement is not clean, some movement with copper, hair Silk, fingerprints and so on.

When purchasing a Longines watch, you should check the merchant’s checklist and whether the number on the laser fake logo is within the number listed in the certificate. There are many other ways to identify the authenticity, such as the use of testing equipment to test the amount of gold, travel time accuracy, waterproof performance, table glass hardness, true and false diamonds and so on. Through the measured data to verify and imported watches marked with the data and instructions are consistent, to determine the authenticity. In addition, some brand-name watches, due to the movement of the structure and the inherent special secret mind, there are special identification methods, but the need for professional equipment and equipment testing.