The only principle: Swiss-made watches can be Swiss watches. The logo on the watch is: Swiss made. Swiss watch, no one knows. In the watchmaking industry, the Swiss watch represents the highest level. But if you want to buy a Swiss watch, the price is still not cheap, then Swiss made watch how much money it?

At the end of the 16th century, the French religious struggle led to a massacre, followed by Calvin’s Huguenots who fled to Switzerland, bringing the technology of making watches. This combination of French Cartier love bracelet replica and local gold and silver jewelry industry, the emergence of the Swiss watch industry. It spread from Geneva near France, mainly along the Jura Mountains to the northeast of the spread, until the northeast of Schaffhausen, in the northern half of Switzerland blossom everywhere.

Swiss made watch how much money the price

On this issue, the Swiss watch the classification of more. Generally divided into premium table, first-class table, a class of second-class table, two types of tables, three types of tables and four tables. The price span is very large. Four categories of the cheapest, generally starting from a few thousand dollars. Premium table the most expensive, ranging from hundreds of thousands. More than a few million, tens of millions!

Swiss movement (“Swiss Movement”) logo:

According to the “Category” Swiss’ use of the Ordinance, “the provisions of Article 2, the definition of the Swiss movement is: the movement assembled in Switzerland to complete the movement of the final test completed in Switzerland; in addition to assembly costs, the movement Swiss original price of at least 50% of all the original price. If the movement is made in Switzerland, and the whole table is not assembled in Switzerland, the “Swiss” logo can only appear Cartier love ring replica on the movement is not exposed. Only the words “Mouvement Suisse” or “Swiss Movement” are allowed on the appearance of the watch. The term “movement” must be “completely spelled” and can not be used in short form, and must use the same font as the preceding word “Switzerland” And color.

Swiss Quartz logo:

Only the Swiss production table can use this logo, the other use of the Swiss quartz movement of non-Swiss table has no right to use.

Swiss original (“Swiss Parts”) logo:

This logo can be used when the original used in the watch movement is assembled in Switzerland and assembled in foreign countries. But it can only appear in the movement, in any case can not be used for the outside of the table.

Swiss case logo:

The use of the “Swiss Case” logo on the watch case is that the main process is completed in Switzerland; assembly and inspection are done in Switzerland; at least 50% of the production process is completed in Switzerland. If the box marked “Swiss watch box”, and built non-Swiss watch, you must table movement or the entire table of origin signs attached to the table on the shell.

Swiss strap logo:

Only in the watch and strap are made under the conditions of Switzerland, in order to show on the strap “Made in Switzerland.” Only the main process in Switzerland to complete more than 50% of the strap can be regarded as Swiss manufacturing. If the Swiss production band is used for non-Swiss watches, only the strap can be clearly marked on the strap for the Swiss production, such as “Swiss strap.”

SNOY Sony MN2 smart watch review

Speaking of smart watches, many people will think of iWatch the first time, although it has never been officially confirmed, but was seen as Apple’s next “change the world” hypothetical. The reason why we are smart watches, Google glasses such products show great enthusiasm, because these devices are likely to become a smart phone after the next blue ocean, our current experience of the Sony MN2 is such a product.

SNOY Sony MN2 smart watch review

The design is very tedious

See the first time the Sony MN2 so little disappointment, because its design although well-behaved, but there is nothing Cartier nail bracelet replica special, and that the plastic strap gives a very low-end feeling. Remove the strap, MN2 and Apple’s new iPod nano looks very similar, but frankly that the plastic body, whether visual or feel, are worse than the nano. The most unpleasant is the machine’s screen, 1.2-inch 170 × 170 pixels looks really is already used to 300 PPI + clarity of the engineers difficult to adapt, only self-comfort to: this screen is not used to see.

Prior to the attention of Google glasses readers know that its first use need to go through a series of matching and program installation process, it can be said that ease of use is not satisfactory. Did not expect a small smart watch is the case, after matching with the phone, but also need to install a lot of software on the phone side, in order to achieve the relevant functions on the MN2, that if you do not install these APP on the phone, Really can only use it as a watch. Another point to note is that these APP can only be downloaded on Google Play, if you use the licensed mobile phone, then you must get root privileges to install Google Play client, for the novice is more complicated.

Function less on the phone depends on the big

As an electronic watch, Sony MN2 biggest difference is to provide a variety of clock interface display, which lack some “hard to identify” type, suitable for those who pursue the personality of the user. The machine only the entire body of a power button, all operations either through the phone, or through the MN2 touch screen to complete. We first tested the most basic communication function, when the phone has a call, the watch will shake tips, you can directly connected to the watch. It is incredible that you can talk to MN2, it has a microphone, but no speakers, so you have to use the headset to connect the phone to answer. Then whether the headset or Bluetooth headset has a microphone, why should I have to shout the watch, it can not only call the prompt function?

Of course, like SMS read is better, there can be a direct message on the watch after a complete view, but no way to reply. As for other calendar, mail, social and other functions, mainly in the MN2 are read and view the service, there is no further possible operation. We believe that its dependence on the phone is still too large, most of the time is equivalent to the mobile phone subsidiary display or prompt equipment, the operation must be done through the phone. Imagine if this is the case, then the watch is not too low, or that we do not have to buy it necessary? Overall, MN2 is more like a piece can provide more games, not with the watch function of intelligent devices