Presumably concerned about the fashion of small partners on the easy to see half of the face of the "mysterious" designers are not unfamiliar. This season models are worn with a wet hair, and "clouds" floating in the eyes. Series to the classic black and white Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet replica, embellished with cool blue, green, yellow, coupled with the skirt on the sketch of the geometric color, "cold", "Yan" the word is very appropriate. But why I have been thinking about the last quarter of 3D print flowers accessories it ... ... Balenciaga This is Alexander Wang Balenciaga designed for the second quarter, this time the fabric is absolutely stiff enough, the tank vest, high waist shorts, do not have to worry about the shape of the concave, the whole small leather weave eh! Wang Daren's iconic American street sports style is ready to come out. Golden leaf collar with bracelet, chic! ShiatzyChen Suddenly felt "summer posture Chen" young years old! Has always been more dignified style, suddenly full of childlike. 14 spring and summer series in the net is blue sky, pale pink, lemon yellow, and fruit green this bright color. But the most noteworthy is that this season accessories to Picasso and Mondrian Van Cleef & Arpels ring replica as the inspiration, the deconstruction of the lines after the reorganization of accessories and into the oriental color of the face, in the art carrying full of childlike. Moncler Gamme Rouge Jungle "monster" came, next spring and summer ready to go to the jungle. Giambattista Vall's T station is really how crazy how come! Cap, skateboard, big headphones, street wind in the jungle. Moncler each season will have a lucky animal, the skateboard of the two black King Kong has become the protagonist of the show field. Vall according to the law of the jungle survival, the leopard, black and white, giraffe and animal fur to protect the color used in this series. Upper body half-naked male model is staged "crazy primitive" it? Valentino Mention Valentino, the whole person can not help but romantic elegance up. Lace and embroidery is from start to finish, from head to toe in the end. But the difference is a bit more east-style pattern, casual bow tie shirt coupled with Leopard added a bit comfortable. This season spring and summer to 12 constellations as the element of the Replica Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet accessories is a bright spot, everyone can find their own corresponding palace, and those golden hand bag, absolutely heavyweight, like a heavy "gold" ah!