Bone carving Bone carving has a long history, the ancients made the bone abrasive needle, knife and the words and patterns engraved on the bone. Bone carving is a very beautiful handicrafts, through different knives carved lifelike three-dimensional Cartier love bracelet replica figures, flowers and birds. Selection of high-quality natural horns, the texture of fine, natural color, carved fine, magical shape of the United States, gives a unique ancient, natural beauty. Superb carving art, With a strong cultural style and regional characteristics of the Central Plains. Rattan A traditional practical crafts. Utilize the weeds and furniture. The main origin of Guangdong, more common in Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Foshan and other places, has a long history.Tengduo this local specialty is not only a very good living utensils, but also a strange production and even war equipment. "Three Kingdoms" on the "rattan army" records, the so-called "rattan" that is used to weave warrior, "crossing the river is not sink, the water is not wet, knife arrows can not enter." In the past border of the Mingguang, sector head, Guyong area of many roads every river outside the river, are followed by the ancient rattan bridge. This kind of rattan traction will be prepared as a bridge like a network slot, precarious and immortal, pedestrian on it, threw, sit like. Perhaps because the rattan in the large number of use, rattan craft flowers in the urban and rural areas, produced by the traditional furniture, chairs, tables and other bulk products, there are baskets, blue, boxes, boxes and flower racks, bookshelves and even a full living room, Study furniture, exquisitely carved, quaint and no lack of new ideas, with a strong practical and artistic, with a different environment - in the cold room feel the Cartier love ring replica extravagant, cloth in the Huatang feel its humble, can be described as rich and poor Should be good and bad. Straw A wide range of resources, rich colors, different colors, the formation of the different characteristics of the various ethnic groups. Mainly the traditional grass, straw, brown silk and other weaving. There are hundreds of hatching, straw mats, straw baskets, grass fans, straw mats, grass toys, and so on. Only a class of baskets, colorful, diverse shapes, people dazzling. Willow Crafts natural Liu hand-woven from the natural environmental protection. Wicker stripped, the surface is smooth, the color of the new Run, both soft and solid, is the folk craftsmen weaving willow bucket, Liu basket, Liu dustpan and other production, daily necessities of the material. Bamboo carving China is the world's first use of bamboo products in the country, so bamboo carving in our country has long been a long time. Bamboo carving is also known as bamboo carving, is engraved in the bamboo artifacts on a variety of decorative patterns and text, or with bamboo root carved into a variety of furnishings Decoration. Bamboo carving became an art, until the Tang Dynasty was gradually known for people, and loved. Knot art Is a unique folk hand-knit art of China, with its unique oriental charm, colorful changes, fully embodies the wisdom of the Chinese people and deep cultural heritage. Each end from the beginning to the end are made of a silk , Each basic knot and according to its shape, meaning named. The different combinations of each other together, or with other auspicious patterns of accessories with a combination to form a unique shape, colorful, profound meaning, rich connotation of the traditional Chinese auspicious decoration items. Such as "auspicious more than", "longevity double", "double happiness", "good luck", "all the way down" and other Replica Cartier jewelry groups, have expressed warm and strong blessings, is to praise and convey sincere and sincere prayer and wish The Blowing sugar man Is the traditional folk arts and crafts, this art, food, toys as one of the sugar, loved by children, their crafts are mostly generations of inheritance. Usually the artist back box to take the burden, take the streets, while walking to do business.