Tiffany’s latest season of Blue Book jewelry works from the “Ocean” to get inspiration to fish, waves, islands, gravel and other themes, one of the most representative of a group of works were “ripples” shape to cascade ring Phase convergence, as layers of the ocean waves.

The new design by the Tiffany design director Francesca Amfitheatrof design, one of the rings made of diamonds and platinum, the main stone for a bright cut diamonds for Fake Bvlgari Jewelry, followed by four inlaid in turn surrounded by a small diamond, to show ripples of ups and downs , The side of the ring inlaid with two long ladder-shaped cut diamonds, more prominent ripples of the dynamic.

Another ring is to join the sapphire to show the ocean blue, the main stone for a circular cut sapphire, the outer ring is the gradient of sapphire and diamonds decorated, as the water slowly pushed from the central.

The main stone is a 2.53 carat purple pink diamonds, up to Fancy Intense color level, clarity VS2, with rectangular mixed cutting and Replica Cartier Love Ring. The main drill is mosaic around 8 rose-cut diamonds (1.03ct), 8 rounded-shaped diamonds (0.78ct), 46 round diamonds (0.40ct), and are made of platinum.

This unique diamond has a unique sweet pink (Fancy Intense Purple Pink, this pink only 3% of all natural powder), after 8 months of cutting and grinding to complete.

The whole ring is like a blooming pink flower, especially the use of roses cut round diamonds and cut the tip of the diamond composition of the pattern of petals, the maximum highlight of the main stone bright.