A bunch of roses, a ring, a knees kneel, which is the beginning of the promise. And Levi’s real name system diamond ring is to give every man this opportunity to give her a commitment, solemn and sacred, give her a harbor, warm and safe. Levi’s love, eternity, and only. Every woman wants their beloved people to wear a shining diamond ring for themselves, to live each other’s life, from then on, I go hand in hand. You choose that she is your life in the fate of destiny, the only life.

A set of life: hold your hand, and grow old together


The Book of Songs has a saying, “The word of life and death, and the child, and the hand of the hand, and the child grow old.” This is how beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica the confession, as Nalan said, “for your heart, for my heart. You are my unique, so I want to give you the most beautiful confession. Levi’s diamond ring, to every man a love confession opportunity, every man can only be a life of a music Levi, one, love life, life, never betray. I am willing to give you my life, the soul, with my life to love you

Love of the promise: a generation of a pair of people


“In my name, the crown of your fingers, accompanied by life, life go hand in hand.” Levi’s marvels, in the other half to promise a lifetime of promise: the end of life, you do not marry. Levi’s real name system, to each custom who is the most intimate service, in the diamond ring engraved on each other’s name abbreviation. Meaning “willing to be one person, whitehead not separated”. The most beautiful love is not “clothing gradually wide end does not regret, for the Iraqi people who are haggard,” the single-phase thinking, but “knot for the couple, loving two doubts” Xiangzhi accompanied. Because love, so promised, so it is you, so choose Levi’s.

Love journey: you are my destiny


“Fate is doomed to love you” in a very classic lines, “the first time you met by chance, the second time you meet fate, the third time you meet is destined to meet.” Levi’s courtship, there is a layer of meaning, you are my destiny. Every man who buys Levi’s diamond ring will have a “love page” provided by Levi’s, which is used to remember the wonderful journey of love, regardless of disease, pain, happiness and happiness. We have to face together, spend together, because you are my destiny. Levi’s exclusive “love page” to love the name, accompanied by the old. When we are not young, when we are getting alive, I want to see you with this time souvenirs. The longer the time, our love for a long time. That’s why we chose Levi’s because it was chosen so it was.

Boys to his girlfriend to marry when you need to buy a diamond ring, love or marriage will be established when the right to buy the ring. On the diamond ring and the difference between the ring, has always been a more popular topic. Next, Levi’s Xiaobian will be more concerned about the diamond ring on which to wear Cartier love ring replica a finger, diamond ring and what are the different answers to these questions.


Where the diamond wears


Diamond ring is courtship or marriage proposal, the boys for girls to buy a separate. Most girls will marry the diamond ring on the left hand ring finger, this law is to express their own have been engaged or married. In addition, some girls will wear the diamond ring on the left middle finger, in fact, is to express their own in love, but also to refuse the pursuit of other boys. Girls put the diamond ring on the left index finger, said he was in an unmarried state, but eager to get married. The diamond ring worn on the little finger, then the single desire to love.

There are two main ways to wear the law, respectively, both men and women to wear their own ring on the other side of the ring finger on the left hand, the other is in accordance with the habits of Chinese male left female right to wear on the ring. In this, it is necessary to popular science about the origin of the left female. In fact, the male left female right is a portrayal of the ancient Chinese men and women in the feudal era, when the status of the feudal era is divided according to the left and right, from left to right level lower and lower, the status of women than men, so there will be male left Female right.

There are some moral differences between the ring and the ring. Most of the diamond ring is bought by the boys for the girls, the purpose is to express their love, when the boys put a wedding dress in his girlfriend’s hands, often on behalf of their feelings have further sublimation, marry ring is a feeling Keepsake. And wedding Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond ring is a testament to the feelings and storms. Marriage when the couple to complete the ring exchange of this link, means that the two will be accompanied by a lifetime, and promised loyal to each other’s oath. As marrying the diamond ring insisted on the marriage of the ring to live more than two of the fingers, it is two love the heart!


In fact, the diamond ring on which finger to wear, and there is no special strict rules, diamond ring and the difference between the ring there is no clear boundaries. But, whether it is ring or diamond ring, are on behalf of love, for the love of service. So everyone in the purchase of diamond ring or when the ring, you should choose some special meaning, to express love ring. Life is only one person to send a diamond ring worth everyone choose.