Princess necklace, with high collar shirt really there will be princess gas Oh, length: 45-48CM, under the subclavian collar line around the position. Wearing the length of the replica van cleef necklace just in front to form a V-shaped lines, very suitable for round face or neck is not so slender sister, so that our face and neck wear a symmetrical. If the match with the high-necked shirt, plus a pendant, noble princess temperament are hidden.



Martini type van cleef clover necklace sale knock off, the length of easy just right, length: 50-58CM, about the position of the chest. The same as the previous one, but also more suitable for round face and neck is not slender sisters, and the length of the pearl necklace style is more casual and casual, suitable for casual occasions or business activities to wear, casual wear, wear, dress it Also have to live.



Opera-style necklace van cleef arpels knock off, strong sense of hierarchy can also play tricks, length: 70-90CM, in the chest or slightly over some. Square face sister wearing a opera pearl van cleef and arpels necklace sale knock off to help round your edges and corners. Whether with formal dress or casual casual wear can bring an excellent sense of hierarchy. In addition to the advantages of length in addition to the rules of the middle circle can also play out more tricks: wrapped in two laps to turn it into a collar-shaped chain of classical beauty or neck or chest to make a knot to form a fancy fake van cleef necklace, immediately vivid. The same is the face of the face of the necessary choice, and the same as the opera necklace can play a lot of tricks.