Hot summer, high temperature heat waves will be wrapped when you feel very bored. At this time you may need Van Cleef & Arpels series, so that the blue belt to give you unlimited cool.


Blue in the summer with the magic of cooling, see the blue will think of the sea and the pool. And different from the pool of blue, there is a copy Van Cleef ring in the middle of a decorated about 4.14 karats of oval cut aquamarine. This sea sapphire texture is bright and flawless, in the surrounding Tanzania stone and round diamonds surrounded by dazzling incomparable, so even in the pure pool can also immediately attract your attention.


In the summer party on the beach you may need to fake Van Cleef & Arpels necklace embellishment. Pendant central inlaid with a 7.71-carat oval-shaped cut tan mang stone, a 21.61-carat oval-shaped cut aquamarine, necklace part of the inlaid 1083 sea sapphire beads, the total weight of 353.40 karats, 61 mantle cutting tanzan Stone total weight of 15.92 carats, and 316 bright cut diamonds, the total weight of 8.74 karats.

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Party you can wear a matching tassel replica Van Cleef & Arpels earrings. Earrings decorated with the perfect oval cut tanzan stone, the lower part of the use of aquamarine beads, horse-shaped cut tan sandstone and round diamonds as the tail of a unique style. When you look back at the moment, the wind does not have a wave of flavor. Like the summer evening blowing from the breeze of the refreshing heart, people can not help but intoxicated.