Watch how to bring? What is the correct way to wear a watch?

Wristwatch wear different men and women

Interestingly, the key points of the veins of men and women are distributed in different hands, men left hand while the woman is in the right hand. The medical profession believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that men’s blood flows from the heart to the left, while the opposite is Cartier love bracelet replica true. This leads to an important conclusion: if a man wears a watch on his left hand, whatever material is made of gold, silver, plastic, or leather, it affects the normal work of the heart, and the woman It was lucky to change the habit of wearing a watch on her left hand.

What is normal wear?

You get up every day for almost the same time in the table, work in the unit a day to work from the table off the table, according to your usual habit of the table on the table box, the next day to repeat the same steps called normal wear. If you bring today, tomorrow does not take the rest, it is not normally wear, and this case the table will be due to changes in wear conditions change, but can not say that its movement stability has changed, because the stability Sex comparison to make in the same circumstances, this point I believe that understanding of the Swiss Observatory table test way friends should be very clear. I consulted a senior repair table master, he believes that if there is instability when the situation, such as under normal conditions of the watch appears today, a few seconds tomorrow, but a few seconds slower, may be the movement of the oil Change needs to be washed or the watch is magnetized. He said that both the Observatory table or Tourbillon are error, they are better than the common table is the advantage of walking under normal conditions of good stability, the basic error can be done every day less than 1 second, the mechanical Table too much to pursue the error and not concerned about the stability of many fans are misunderstanding, not worth advocating.

Movement running

I have always thought that the new table when walking quickly, with a period of time after the run-in period will be more and more accurate, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Watch is not a car, is a precision machinery, any parts are not allowed to appear burr, so do not need to run. Resulting in a new watch to wear a period of time after the change is accurate because the wearer has formed a habit of wearing, the objective to produce a more stable wear environment, the gesture of the error in different bearing the positive Replica Cartier jewelry and negative offset to the wearer to bring more and more Quasi-feel it.

Social occasions watch worn

And jewelry is the same, in social occasions, people wear watches often reflect its status, identity and wealth status. So in interpersonal people wearing watches, especially men wear watches, most of the eye-catching.

Wear a watch to be correct, naturally first to understand the watch, and good at choosing a watch. Choose watches, often should pay attention to its type, shape, color, pattern, function and other aspects of the five issues.

(1) species

Depending on the standard, the watch can be divided into many different categories. In social situations, people are generally based on the price to distinguish between its type. In accordance with this standard, watches can be divided into luxury watches, high-grade table, mid-range table, low-grade table four categories. In terms of price, luxury table prices in more than 10,000 yuan, high-grade table between 2000 to 10,000 yuan, mid-range table between 500 to 2,000 yuan, low-end table in the 500 yuan. Choose the specific type of watch, the first to do what they can, do not force the matter. In addition, but also taking into account the personal career, appearance of the occasion, the object of communication and other clothing at the same time selected a series of related factors.

(2) shape

Watch the shape is often associated with its worth, grade. In formal occasions worn in the watch, the shape should be solemn, conservative, to avoid weird, trendy. Men, especially those who respect, the elderly should pay attention. Stylish, fancy watches, only for girls and children. In general, round, oval, square, rectangular and diamond-shaped watches, because of its solemn shape, conservative, wide range of applications, especially suitable for formal occasions to wear.

(3) color

Choose the formal occasions worn by the watch, the color stress ring complex messy, generally should choose monochrome watches, two-color watches, should not choose three or three colors above the watch. Whether it is a monochrome watch or two-color watches, the color should be clear, noble, elegant. Gold table, silver table, black table, that is, dial, case, strap are gold, silver, black watch, is the best choice. Gold case, strap, milky white dial watch, can withstand the test of time, in any age will not be outdated wear.

(4) pattern

In addition to numbers, trademarks, factory name, brand, the watch does not need to appear on the other without any role in the pattern. Choose to use in the formal occasions of the watch, in particular, need to bear in mind this point. If the watch on the pattern strange, diverse, not only is not conducive to use, but it is possible to recruit jokes.

(5) function

In mind, is the most important function of the watch. Therefore, the official use of the watch, whether it is pointer workers, jump word or timekeeping, should have this function, and should be accurate to the time, points, can be accurate to seconds is better. Only accurate when the watch, apparently does not meet the requirements. Some additional features, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, blood pressure, pace, etc., are dispensable, and to nothing good. In short, the function of the watch to be small and fine, and have practical value.