According to the full implementation of the ISO9001 quality assurance system, the use of a full set of Swiss testing equipment, fully enclosed dustproof anti-static workshop, automated assembly line and harsh environmental laboratory control product quality, and wholeheartedly safeguard the interests of consumers and reputation by well-known trademarks. So what is the country by wave table?

Which country is the wave table?

According to wave watch is China. (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., established in 1991, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong listed company (0256.HK), is “China famous brand” – according to wave (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Table manufacturing enterprises, professional design, production and sales “according to wave” brand in the high-end watches and precious metal jewelry.

According to wave watch the full implementation of the “enterprise technical standards”, the introduction of advanced equipment, research and development of advanced technology, training and technical personnel, and the Shenzhen University of Materials Institute of Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet replica long-term cooperation, specializing in precious metal materials and composite materials research and application, Technological innovation system, to enhance the amount of science and technology, detached low-level competition.

According to wave watches using Europe, Japan’s high-precision CNC equipment and advanced technology, professional manufacture of precious metal watch accessories, mobile phone appearance pieces, lighters, belt buckle, cuffs and other fine products, production capacity of 1,000 kilograms of precious metals products. Parma II expansion project has been completed, the new plant, additional new equipment, additional staff to expand the production of high-precision watch accessories.

Is Guanqin a watch in Hong Kong?

Guanqin watches to promote simple and elegant style, focusing on the combination of technology and art. Accompanied by sophisticated Swiss imports movement, to maintain a harsh watchmaking process. A series of high-tech materials for product manufacturing, and the global synchronization of 100 strict detection technology. So that watches with a high degree of quality assurance. So some friends will ask: Guanqin watch is Hong Kong? The following watch home to come for you to answer!

Guanqin watches belong to Guangzhou Guanqin Watch Industry Co., Ltd. The essence of the classic style of jewelry watches. To promote the simple and elegant style, pay attention to the combination of science and technology and art. Accompanied by sophisticated Swiss imports Replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry movement, to maintain a harsh watchmaking process. Guan Qin (GUANQIN) source in Hong Kong, was established in 1989, has 23 years of history. 2008 to enter the mainland, mainly in Taobao Mall and the major city stores operating, designed for urban white-collar business community and build. As a high-end watch brand, Guan Qin (GUANQIN) has the advantages of the intersection of Chinese and Western fashion art, to absorb many brands of cutting-edge elements, coupled with years of technology research and development and precision manufacturing strength, Guan Qin (GUANQIN) walk in the first column of the watch brand.

Cartier Tank Basculante watch introduction

Tank (tank) is the Cartier family influential series of watches. In 1932, Cartier launched Tank Reversible watch (Tank Basculante predecessor) to the brand famous rectangular tank shape, both sides of the vertical lugs on behalf of the tank track, watch the tank on behalf of the main body, in the square watch manifold that era Thriving.

Cartier Tank Basculante watch introduction

This table by Cartier and Jaeger-LeCoultre joint research and development, and Reverso watch out of the same door, are to solve the polo players often collided in the game caused by broken mirror. The difference is that Cartier did not use Reverso to rotate 180 degrees centered on the vertical axis, but 360 degrees around the horizontal axis, into the outer case, that is, Tank Reversible case nested in a complex set of frames , The top of the crown at 12 o’clock position, through the upper and lower tap, the entire dial separated by two layers, flip the middle of the surface part, exposing the back, and then back to the frame. In 1992, Cartier changed the series to Tank Basculante. Through this table, we have to admit that Cartier and Jaeger-LeCoultre are geniuses.

Cartier mechanical watch does not go what is the reason?

Cartier mechanical watch fashion without losing the grade, a lot of friends, especially female friends are very fond of this brand. But many people have encountered Cartier mechanical watch does not go the situation. The following watch home to introduce you to Cartier mechanical watch is not what is the reason for it!

General mechanical watch suddenly stopped simply because of the following two reasons for the failure: 1, Cartier mechanical watch in the course of the use of improper operation caused by the movement failure, such as forced on the mechanical watch the date and time to adjust , Or when the watch is not careful to wear a serious impact will lead to Cartier mechanical watch appears to stop the situation, if it is due to the above reasons caused by the mechanical watch stopped, you need to immediately check the Cartier mechanical watch there is no other, And then pull the watch crown to watch the movement to stop running, and immediately sent to the professional maintenance service center for testing and maintenance.

2, there is a reason that can cause the Cartier mechanical stop is because the mechanical watch for a long time will produce metal particles, with the table oil mixed with the formation of sludge accumulation in the gear, resulting in increased resistance between the mechanical watch gears lead to mechanical watches Stop. Generally for a long time did not do maintenance work Cartier mechanical watch only need to watch the professional