Variety strap: wrapped around the fun of the wrist

Women love fashion watch, love her colorful and varied, love her fashionable avant-garde and decorative. This season fashion table to start a strap article, jumping candy color double lingering, long multi-level strap bundled in the wrist, fun strap replacement and free combination, as well as directly into the wrist ornaments Of the bracelet strap. This summer, Variety of straps have completely replaced the other jewelry, became a set of fashionable, practical, fashion in one of the wrist art.

Oxette green double lap strap + oversized gold dial

Clear color with imitation animal lines of the pattern, cross lingering imitation Cartier love jewelry in the wrist. Large gold dial with fine double-layer strap, shiny Roman numerals and Arabic numerals dancing in the middle of the dial.

Jump jelly double lap

Strap characteristics: Jump jelly color double circle design


Clear jelly color, exquisite earrings decoration, with a hit color effect of the water table high heels, in color and watch echoes, so you in this summer to be a dazzling fashionable girl.

The bracelet elements in the elegant charm added to the watch design inspiration, the new Li Yuan series with more jumping and gorgeous colors to write the summer atmosphere. Smooth solid plastic and silicone straps are double the length of the bracelet can be generally wrapped around the wrist.

Cool level strong gas field

Strap characteristics: layers of multi-level winding

Tommy Hilfiger Black Long Strap + Rectangular Exquisite Dial

Irregular multi-layer black straps around the wrist, delicate and sexy. Bundled art plus exquisite design of the rectangular dial, clean two-point digital design, black and white collision, elegant atmosphere.


Beautiful print short skirt stitching through the long yarn, crisp and simple sleeveless shirt not only in the material with its contrast, in color is also unified and harmonious. Black and white multi-level watch for the whole body to add a strong gas field, wild and tough coexist.

B ckrations Roman shoes series watch multi-level white strap + minimalist Replica Cartier jewelry elegant dial

60 ~ 65mm long multi-layer white strap to create a sense of ease of the city, but also as if the ballet shoes tied as elegant and beautiful. Slightly rough taste of the large simple dial, showing a unique modern charm of the neutral trend.

Fun to replace the game

Strap characteristics: a wide range of alternatives and combinations

Gucci dial ring, strap free combination of each other

Have to say that this is like a child put it down “toys”. Small to the dial ring, large to the entire strap, you can like free with you, free to replace. Different materials of the strap and watch ring as the game is generally fun to combine together.

Celebrity table Ling Ni 27mm polished satin polished steel elegant dial with a jump with color cortex, stainless steel bracelet, rivets digital scale with a stylish attitude. To say that the most attractive place is its free to replace the three-color strap, so Ling series become a master of the wrist on the decoration.


Matte and Ye Yan’s printing shirt, with colorful decorative waist chain, with a blue chain package to carry out the color of the collision, increase the visual impact. With a rich color of the replacement strap, and multi-material multi-form of free combination so that fashion with the sky is also empty.

Gorgeous wrist style

Strap characteristics: like bracelets as a wrist ornaments

Guess gold gem inlaid bracelet watch

Founder of the dial inlaid in the gold bracelet strap, streamlined letter LOGO with a sparkling diamond through the entire body. You say she is a block watch, as she is a fine carved wrist art.

Interlocking metal and leather straps, wrapped in leather in the exquisite dial, leather texture, metal texture and clean and elegant dial perfect fusion together, like a retro bracelet with us into the time of the city.


Golden bracelet watch can replace other wrist ornaments, gold gorgeous shoulder dress, golden sexy pointed shoes, with fragrant flowers earrings, feminine elegance lingering and sublimation.

18K rose gold or stainless steel case, hand-carved hollow dial, magnificent and breathtaking; hour, minute, second, date, traditional chronograph second hand, 30 minutes timer, 12 hour timer; special installation CHRONOSWISS table factory exclusive R & D C.741 S self-winding movement, built-in timing function. Watch from outside to inside, even the most delicate part of the heart, after CHRONOSWISS watch master day and night to craft, delicate and perfect mechanical operation and gear rotation, the perfect show in the sapphire crystal mirror under. Watch the small space inside the thousands of gears, refining the band with the movement of the spectacular image, really amazing.

In addition, the Grand Opus Chronograph model, even Opus Chronograph hollow chronograph series lineup more prosperous. Grand Opus Chronograph Hollow Chronograph Case 42mm, more stylish, sophisticated mechanical watch intoxicating world, jumping in front.

In the European watch culture, the time trip from Geneva, Basel, Zurich, Glashütte and then to Munich, which is simple and elegant and meticulous German watch always fascinating. Munich has always been the center of the German watch industry, with excellent cultural origin, from the Munich CHRONOSWISS Ruibao table called the industry a dark horse, adhere to the traditional concept of handmade watchmaking, neoclassical simplicity of the design to People surprise, in the past four centuries, has been stirring for the table altar gorgeous spark.

CHRONOSWISS Swiss watch from CHRONOSWISS, which is located in the northern foothills of the Alps in the south of Germany. It is adjacent to the city of Shiratori, Ancient style, embodies the German craft culture and creative life philosophy. CHRONOSWISS The soul and watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang is the inspiration and elegance of time aesthetics that creates an extraordinary design: the logo of the onion-type crown, from the Church of Our Lady of Munich Gothic dome; classical embossed, showing the artistic style of quaint charm. Heritage of traditional craft aesthetics, another German classic collection of Munich.